A Cellar

In 1906, the great grandfather of the current owner invested in the construction of a new cellar, which still remains the unique place of winemaking/vinification of this estate.

78 huge wooden barrels containing 250 to 350 hl, were constructed on 7200m² and entirely devoted to winemaking. 15 are still visible, with a few still in use today.

Today, the cellar is a good marriage between tradition and modernism. The technology has helped with the improvement and transformation of the grapes to wine. Tanks that are currently used are made of stainless steel with thermoregulation, pneumatic wine-presses, cooling, de-stemmer…. A blend of traditional and new world storage are used, with a cellar which contains more than 300 wooden barrels, renewed every 3 years.

  • chai barriques
  • inscription cuve 2005
  • cuverie

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