A middle age castle

The fortress was built on 1202 by the Vicomte de Pézenas. It is one of the oldest castles around the city of Beziers. The whole structure was constructed with lava stone. The local stone comes from an old volcano – Roque Haute volcano which separates the Castle and its vines from the sea. Of course that castle was built to protect local people from invaders. For example, in 1355, English soldiers commanded by the Prince of Wales caused dreadful troubles in Languedoc. The Castle, well protected by its walls, resisted the “Black Prince” attack…
The castle resisted the test of time and with the help of dedicated landlords, was restored and adapted throughout the centuries to make it an habitable home.

The place has been visited and owned by some famous historical personalities, such as Charlemagne and Amaury De Montfort. Since 1905, the Domaine and its castle has been the property of the Robert Vic family, a family of wine makers who have made the place a renowned wine centre.

  • Domaine preignes le vieux vue des vignes
  • Domaine preignes le vieux
  • Domaine preignes le vieux cours château à travers la grille

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