A Roman house

In 1965, in one of the fields, a plough uncovered some remains of a Roman house called “Villa Preixanum”, dating back from 804 AC. In this house, some remains of amphoras were found, proving the existence of a large wine culture in Preignes, more than 2000 years old. Indeed, it was by Adge and Ensérune, two seaports of the mediterranean basin, that the art of making wine arrived in the Languedoc region. Created by the roman empire, the Narbonnaise’s vineyard competed with the roma wines. It have been exported by the Via Domitia.

Via Domitia: In 118 before JC, the domitius Aénobarbus started to build the first crossroad connecting the Rhône until the Pyrenees. It was the most important communication and tradind axis in France. This road favored the expansion of viticulture and allowed the vineyard to prosper.



  • Château de Preignes
  • Château de Preignes vue des toits
  • Château de Preignes vue de derrière

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