QUALENVI official recognises the high standard of a few independent winemakers in France.

The estate became involved in the process to meet the accreditation’s requirements of its own accord in 2002. The estate has been officially QUALENVI accredited since 2006. It has been reaccredited following inspections every 3 years. QUALENVI-accredited winemakers are committed to using ecofriendly and healthy methods to tend vines, harvest grapes and age wines. We provide total traceability, from the plot to the retailer. Our aim is simple: provide an irreproachable end product which meets your needs, our needs and regulatory needs. The QUALENVI accreditation enabled us to achieve level II of the environmental certification. We are currently working on becoming HVE-accredited (High Environmental Value).

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The QUALENVI accreditation of Preignes le Vieux

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