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Discovery moment
The wine, wonderful unifying tool, attracts the curious and the passionate ones. This is how through a simple bottle, we can make a beautiful discovery (La Découverte), feel like travelling, being moved into a memorable bucolic walk (La Balade) or rather bacchanal, have the sensation of going a long way (Le long Chemin) to achieve a taste buds happiness.
So to share a nice moment, let’s look for a simple and true pleasure !

Aurélie Vic a passionate oenologist, discovers and shares Languedoc good vinous leads. The region is big and the wines have multiple flavours and profiles. Must they be fresh and tasty? Must they go with Mediterranean cooking? Of course, but Aurélie wants more. Character and balance, delicate taste and harmony, wine must express and reveal its origins. Anyways, its roots must talk and link us to the soil… its juice must release Southern flavours, a fruit concentrate and a garrigue perfume, with crispness, fine taste and drinkability of course. Anyways, it is time to discover and share these Languedoc AOP wines from Aurélie Vic.

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