The Vines

The vines have penetrated the soil surface, deep into the soils, allowing the vines to obtain great fruits.

The early rationing in water from April-May to September, encourages the vines to limit the number of grape berries ( 60 to 120 berries). The berries mature through the diffusion of light through the foliage, and the radiative light reflected from the pebbles to the grapes. This encourages the chlorophyllous synthesis of precursors tastes in the berries.

The garrigue’s closeness and the penetrability of the grapes by the less breeze laden with garrigues’ essences ( thyme, lavander, rosemary and above all ciste from Montpellier) allow by collecting on the berry’s bloom, an aromas’ originality of garrigues in the wines.


These tastes evolve from :

      • laurel to black olive in the Grenache’s wines
      • cinnamon and juniper berry for the Mourvèdre
      • grey pepper for the Syrah.
  • Vines Preignes le Vieux
  • Vines Preignes le Vieux
  • Vines Preignes le Vieux

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