Go all out for a gift or celebration and get your favourite vintages in magnum size!

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If you want practicality, simplicity and great storage, choose a BiB !
You can still enjoy it 3 weeks after opening.


This is haute couture, bespoke wine. It’s Preignes’ best soils and best vines bottled. It should only be served when wearing smart attire on a Sunday with sophisticated dishes and fantastic company.

Le Petit Pont

Le Petit Pont is a pure product from the Languedoc garrigue and the epitome of a good “wine for casual occasions”. The recipe is simple: put time and energy
into tending the vines to get plump grapes then extract smoothly to get a fruity and full flavour. Experience a taste of the Mediterranean. Pure delight!

Les Grains

Preignes is a real historical gem with its legacy of over 2000 years in winegrowing. Its vibrant past exudes from the “ Les Grains ” range which is a flavour
explosion. Grenache, Muscat, Mourvèdre, Sauvignon and Cabernet-Franc are all from our fabulous land. Experience these little “ grains ” in all their glory with
friends and family !

Les Hauts de Median

What can we say about this amazing property on the sides of the Roque Haute volcano in the Languedoc ? It’s a fascinating site ideal for a relaxing walk
between the sea and garrigue. It’s a magical vineyard peppered with oak and olive tree groves. It’s a day in the life of a winemaker full of personality, Aurélie
Trebuchon-Vic, who is successfully following in the footsteps of 5 generations in the vine and wine sector. Her red, rosé and white wine embodies a woman’s
connection with her land. The wine exudes elegance and fruitiness for instant pleasure: it whisks you away to a world that gourmet dreams are made of.


Go all out for a gift or celebration and get your favourite vintages in magnum size!


Paradise is close, dare touching it… It can arise from the complicity of a good moment and a good wine. Too much of a rare moment ? Come on, come on, it’s
not that complicated : here is the wine. Fresh, cheerful and soft, it will be the guarantee of a friendly party. You just have to find some friends, the place and the
good things to make a small tour towards… Towards what again ?


These vintages get special attention: good concentration, partly aged in barrels, deep fruity flavour. Their depth, delicacy and full body will leave you wanting more.


The remnants of a Roman villa, medieval architecture and a listed
site, Preignes is a jewel in the Pays d’Oc’s crown. Its wine is intrinsically
bound to its fascinating history just like this Réserve which is a flavour


A small harvest flourishes on Preignes le Vieux’s extremely gravelly and volcanic soil every year. The grapes grow plump beneath the hot Mediterranean sun
and are harvested when they reach maturity. The wine in this range respects the grape variety’s diversity and is more concentrated, without pressing the fruit.
What are you waiting for? Try it for yourself.

preignes vignes

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