Around Preignes


Vias has the charm of those ancient places where traces of the past are in total harmony with sea-side pleasures activities. Here the Mediterranean has formed a long cove of sine sand allowing yourself to live your holiday desires.
Behind the parasols, discover the ancient facades of the village, share the bliss of the people here, at the markets, in the sun filled squares, in the cool alley ways and along the shady banks of the canal….

Canal du Midi

le Canal du Midi – the Royal Canal between the Two Seas the old Roman dream became a reality in 1681 under the reign of Louis XIV, when the connection between Toulouse and the Etang de Thau was opened. Pierre-Paul Riquet, engineer and head of the project, spent all is wealth on the construction but unfortunately never had the chance to see it to the end as he died six months before the opening of the channel. He had worked on this – with 12000 workmen – since 1666.
The unchanged water-way is today part of the World Patrimony of Humanity and has helped to create an industry in boating tourism. The shadowed banks offer the possibility of a pleasant walk. The Jonquié Bridge was built in 1676 and was the first amenity on the channel between Béziers and Agde.


The wine making capital of the Languedoc, has retained traces of Mediterranean history and the Cathar era. It was the home of Pierre-Paul Riquet and Jean Moulin.
Don’t miss: the Fonséranes locks, the canal Bridge over the Orb, the St Nazaire Cathedral overlooking the river, the Allées Paul Riquet, the Plateau des Poètes, the Musée du Biterrois and the Musée des Beaux-Arts….The August Féria (bullfighting festival) and perhaps a rugby match…

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