Organic supporters? Naturally!


These 2 partners in crime have a playing field that they want to be untamed, green, with a rich and diverse biotope bursting with nature! To “live life to the full”! An unspoilt and carefully tended place where the vine is one element among others.


Filou, the wise one, has “skills” He wants to pass on his expertise and passion for this beautiful, radiant and natural countryside. He knows it must be lovingly protected so the partridges, woodcocks and other feathered friends feel at home here. Today and tomorrow.


Loustic, the crazy teenager, loves this respected and balanced setting. He wants to save the planet but he’s not sure he understands what’s at stake. That doesn’t matter, he’s involved and attentive – some of the time! Most importantly, he’s gaining good habits as he explores this natural setting and learns he must behave as a “visitor” so Mother Nature remains a hotbed for life…


Trust us, Filou and Loustic’s wines are just like them = they’re bursting with the grapes and nature around them!