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Slide 01 Cultivating Our work is the foundation on which our history has been built, guiding and giving rhythm to life on the estate. We follow the seasons using precise techniques to help the vines flourish, while preserving the natural equilibrium that sustains us. Spanning across this one site are 3 different terroirs: Volcanic, gravely and so-called "plaine" soils, producing 18 different grape varieties. We consider each plot as a unique area requiring its own specific management. Attentive to the plants' requirements, from cultivating the land to harvesting the grapes, we adapt our techniques to suit both the vegetation and weather conditions throughout the year. Our aim: To produce flourishing vines with ripe, healthy and well-balanced grapes in time for the harvest! At the end of the harvest, our work continues. We set up a crop plan for each plot, carefully studying the various inspections and analyses that have been run during the growth cycle (including soil, petiole and wood analyses) along with other findings.

Slide 02 Winemaking We use traditional winemaking methods in order to produce authentic wines that fully respect the fruit's qualities and character. Our technique involves planning the harvest according to the ripeness of the grapes required for each wine. Selection and ageing are tailored around the vintage, the grapes and the wine we would like to produce. All our decisions are influenced by several tastings and analyses carried out on a daily basis. As a refined and dynamic product, making wine requires a great deal of precision and care! Our key focus is to produce the finest quality wines, which is why we are constantly innovating, using new processes and state-of-the-art equipment to meet our needs and those of our customers.

Slide 03 Blending Once the wines have been produced and matured, we set about finding the subtle balance for each wine. Thanks to a collective tasting of each of the vats, Aurélie combines flavours and ingredients in search of the perfect harmony that will be the ultimate blend and setting for the vintage. The recipe for success: An excellent analytical base, a refined palate and the essential experience that has been acquired over the course of producing numerous vintages.

Slide 04 Creating We are always on the lookout for new profiles when creating new vintages. Each one of them reflects our style: Understated, honest wines, with a distinctive fruitiness, tannic structure, and an overriding rule of maintaining the right balance. All our wines are produced from a selection of plots and grape varieties, using special techniques in our vineyards, tailored winemaking methods and a unique ageing process. Our different ranges of wine are the produce of our quest for authentic flavours! You'll find Aurélie Vic creations among the best AOP wines in the Languedoc Châteaux par Preignes, range, delightful Greg et Juju signature wines, our impressive collection of Preignes le Vieux our ready-to-drink wine named Sabadie the sunny and festive wines from Oh la la que c'est bon, Le Petit Pont festive selection and not forgetting our enchanting Les Hauts de Médian collection …

Slide 05 Quality Control Controlling the quality of our wines is a prerequisite. We ensure that the wine we produce meets both our customers' expectations as well as all regulatory requirements. Our quality control process relies on strict monitoring. Tasting is a key phase of inspection and is carried out on a weekly basis for each wine. We also conduct a monthly control with comprehensive analyses of the winery as well as producing up-to-date monitoring reports.

Slide 06 Packaging Another important step in our "from grape to glass" journey, is bottling and packaging which requires high standards and precision in preparing the wines. Depending on the wine, finings and filtration are adapted to protect the structure and balance, while ensuring that the wine is correctly presented and preserved. Packaging also requires meticulous planning and management of stocks (wine and dry substances). Our aim is to fulfil customer orders within a given timeframe, by integrating a high-performance packaging process to ensure pricing remains attractive.

Slide 07 Shipping All our wines are supplied on the traditional market to wholesalers, wine merchants, cafés, hotels and restaurants, food shops and of course, in our sales area!
Sales are equally balanced between the French market and Export sales, with coverage across 6 continents, in over 26 countries!
Shipments are made on a daily basis, from individual boxes of 6 bottles up to full trucks and containers.
To manage this workflow, a team of sales administrators, warehouse packers and logistics operators work efficiently and meticulously in a state-of-the-art, bespoke and environmental-friendly environment (5200m2 of warehouse with wastewater treatment processing and energy independence - using solar energy)

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