The wine, wonderful unifying tool, attracts the curious and the passionate ones.

This is how through a simple bottle, we can make a beautiful discovery (La Découverte), feel like travelling, being moved into a memorable bucolic walk (La Balade) or rather bacchanal, have the sensation of going a long way (Le long Chemin) to achieve a taste buds happiness.

So to share a nice moment, let’s look for a simple and true pleasure!

Aurélie Vic passionate oenologist, discovers and shares Languedoc good vinous leads. The region is big and the wines have multiple flavours and profiles. Must they be fresh and tasty? Must they go with Mediterranean cooking? Of course, but Aurélie wants more. Character and balance, delicate taste and harmony, wine must express and reveal its origins. Anyways, its roots must talk and link us to the soil… its juice must release Southern flavours, a fruit concentrate and a garrigue perfume, with crispness, fine taste and drinkability of course.

Anyways, it is time to discover and share these Languedoc AOP wines from Aurélie Vic.

La Découverte Picpoul de Pinet

(AOP Picpoul de Pinet)

On the edge of the pond of Thau, not far from the Pinet village, we get submerged by a southern landscape = a limestone plateau between pine forest and garrigue for the happiness of Picpoul grape. A local one, undeniably. Aurélie Vic wanted it amusing but serious, a Picpoul that we don’t forget, a beautiful discovery…

La Découverte Languedoc Rosé and Red

(AOP Languedoc)

Between the sea and the garrigue not far from the village of Omaison in Aude, Syrah, Grenache and Cinsault vines blossom in an arid and deep soil.Tradition al winemaking, gentle extraction: Aurélie Vic looked for areal Southem fruit wine, structured and supple… Here you are! lt’s a first step, a discovery.

La Balade

Let’s go for a walk!

Come and see, nature is beautiful. Auélie Vic takes you for a walk through 3 magnificent Languedoc vineyards. Between Orb and Vernasobre, Bizes Minervois and Oupia, Montpeyroux, lots of elements bring them together, but each of them are proud and cultivate their difference. The link is the climate and the grapes, the difference is the soil and men. These wines are to be tasted like a discovery course for the curious.

Le Long Chemin Limoux White and Red

(AOP Limoux)

Here we are south-west of Carcassonne, in the Aude highlands, not far from the village of Saint Hilaire. Quite a unique place, located between 100 and 200 m altitude, where the hillside, the woods and the st one unveil the landscapes, the wines and the souls…

Here, Aurélie Vic stumbled upon countryside with a myriad of one-of-a-kind aromas and fragrances, flavours and characters: an exquisite concoction to excite the senses revealed in this wine.

So, embark, right now on this wonderful discovery! To explore Chardonnay…

Le Long Chemin Terrasse du Larzac

(AOP Terrasses du Larzac)

Take a walk through this long path… Underneath the Larzac, not far from the Mont Baudile and the village of Saint Jean de la Blaquière, we come to the North East of the Hérault department. Here nature is wild, paths are long and steep with a typical geology where vines of Syrah, Grenache, Cinsault and Mourvèdre grow amongst ruffes at 100 meters high and schists up to 400 meters high. Aurélie Vic found there richness, finesse and freshness: a gauge of success for this Sunday wine.

Le Long Chemin Pic Saint Loup

(AOP Pic Saint Loup)

This legendary terroir, between the Mediterranean and Cévennes, lies outside the city of Montpellier stretching towards the Languedoc foothills. Here nature reigns supreme. Garrigue scrub flourishes on dry yet cool soils, dominated by the magnificent and renowned “Pic Saint Loup” mountain, a rock which climbs to over 650 m. Aurélie’s native Cévennes is beckoning. This spot is unique in Languedoc, owing to its distinctive climate (between a continental and Mediterranean climate, at the base of the Cévennes foothills and not far from the coast) and its Syrah terroir made up of hard and soft limestone. The ideal land for winegrowing!

Rêve d’un jour

(AOP Côte du Roussillon Village)

Roussillon is the southernmost vineyard in France, tucked between the Mediterranean and mountains on the edge of Spain. This is where Aurélie Vic concocted a wine with personality near the village of Maury, in a “dream amphitheatre” with a sun-drenched climate. A bold choice celebrating body and fruit. “What more could you want?”.


(AOP Minervois)

Aurélie wanted more. A greater richness, body and depth while retaining both balance and finesse: an equation not so easy to achieve. The aim? To create smooth, generous and fleshy contours. But with her experience, excellent blends and a little …inspiration, we got there! A perfect way to appreciate the wonders of the Minervois terroir.

Sparkling Wine

Winemaking in the Limoux region is a very old tradition. It appears in texts dating back to the first century. The region is also prestigious in that it was in Limoux, at Saint Hilaire Abbey in 1544, that Benedictine monks discovered the principle of secondary fermentation in the bottle, which ultimately led to the production of sparkling wines.

And so, historically, Limoux was the first wine in the world to contain bubbles.