The Preignes le Vieux wines: A rich and varied collection of wines reflecting the diversity of our terroirs. With an overriding message of Pleasure and conviviality!

Join us to discover our traditional yet surprising reserve collection, as well as our heavenly, collectible prestige range.

Preignes Réserve

The vestige of a Roman villa, with medieval architecture, and a listed site… Preignes le Vieux remains a treasure trove in the history of the Pays d’Oc. Its wines have a strong bond with this rich past, reflected in this Reserve, offering a great wealth of aromas.

Preignes Tradition

Tradition because these wines are our history. Vintages on which Preignes le Vieux has been built. A foundation of wines that expresses our connection with our past and our bond with our terroirs.

Preignes Les Étonnants

Wines produced from unusual grape varieties that enhance the specific character of their fruit: Muscat, Grenache, Mourvèdre, Cabernet Franc and Alicante.

Rare or not often “alone” (mostly blended), these wines will surprise you with their distinctive personality and intensity of flavour.

Immerse yourself in the pleasure that each of these grape varieties has to offer…

Preignes Prestige

Special attention is paid to the wines produced from our best plots: Good concentration, ageing in barrels for over 10 months and expressing very ripe fruit.

Produced in limited quantities, you’re sure to find these elegant, full-bodied and round wines hard to resist.

Preignes Paradis

Paradise is close, dare touching it … It can arise from the complicity of a good moment and a good wine. Too much of a rare moment?

Come on, come on, it’s not that complicated: here is the wine. Fresh, cheerful and soft, it will be the guarantee of a friendly party. You just have to find some friends, the place and the good things to make a small tour towards … Towards what again?

Preignes Collection

This wine, made from parcels of land in our 3 areas (the plains for the Petit Verdot and Cinsault, volcanic and clay gravel soils for Syrah), brings out the very best from our grapes.

Painstaking work in the vineyards (including green harvesting), careful extraction of juices during vinification and a slow maturing process in casks all combine to produce an exceptional vintage.