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Slide 01 Since 1905, the Vic family have been running the vineyard and making wine with a great deal of passion and commitment. Alongside their team of 40 people, wine expert, Aurélie Vic and winemaker, Jérôme Vic are proud to keep this wonderful human adventure alive.

The vineyard is based on eco-friendly sustainable agriculture to produce delicious, crisp wines ideal for get-togethers and great value for money.
"It's about taking care of our region and promoting it, paying attention to detail in our work as we constantly improve our organisation, procedures, tools and outlook.
We may know our place but we will carry on searching for the right strategy to believe in and build a better world."

Jerome Vic

Aurélie wine expert Aurélie grew up between Martigues and the Cévennes. She spent all her summers at the family farmhouse in Cévennes, picking blackberries, playing in the shade of the chestnut trees and fly fishing in the nearby river. The daughter of a chemist, she was more scientific than literary; after five years of studies, she completed a Masters in chemistry and for seven years worked as a clinical research assistant travelling all over France. After Grégoire was born in 2004, she was ready to move on, the work she was doing no longer corresponded to her values and she had been developing an interest in the fascinating world of wine for sometime... between her winegrower husband whom she would accompany to weekend tastings, and an epicurean father who delighted in introducing her to his gourmet discoveries, a change in career was a relatively short step! After a skills assessment and much discussion, she sent off her application to the pharmacy faculty in Montpellier to become an oenologist. She only had to wait a few days: she was accepted. After two years of training in which she learned much, met many people and drank a great deal of wine, she received her diploma: Aurélie Vic, certified oenologist class of 2008! Since then, having overseen more than 10 winemaking seasons at Preignes le Vieux, she has even created an eponymous range: Aurélie Vic. She works with committed partners on a daily basis, always on the lookout for new aromas, profiles and combinations, to produce wines that best reflect her personality.
"You always have to be humble and respect what Nature grants us; our growing methods are different to those ten years ago, and will change again in another four years, in this profession you never stop learning".
She has many passions. Cooking healthy food, with a keen interest in edible flowers. You should ask her, as she "knows a thing or two about them".
And I wouldn't try going with her for a run as she's got a lot of stamina.
Jérôme winemaker You know the legend of Obelix? He accidentally fell into the magic potion when he was a little boy... Well, the same thing happened to Jérôme Vic and winegrowing! On one occasion, as a punishment, his father Robert Vic sent him to work in the vineyard during the harvests! He did not realise that for Jérôme this was more of a reward! After five years of studies (including a year in England) alternated with summers helping in the winery, and with tours and deliveries, he obtained a postgraduate diploma in rural economy and joined the family business in 1996.
Armed with two wines, Alleutier and Preixanum, he began to court foreign markets: Canada, Norway, Brazil... gradually acquiring partners and growing numbers of orders. Today, as a true master of his art, he leads an ambitious business which is constantly evolving, employing over 40 people. He also wants this business to be a vehicle for key values, respecting the people and the terroirs that enable it to move forward.
He divides his free time between his family, his children Juliette and Grégoire, a little tennis, a lot of running, and dining with friends. But his wife let us into a secret... His true passion is for the harvests, just as when he was a little boy!

Slide 02 Our Values Our identity is defined through our respect for our resources, our land and our vines, which we have been farming for the last five generations, along with the achievements of those who have gone before us. Attention to detail: We produce frank and honest wines to fulfil our commitments to our customers and suppliers.

Reliability: We want our achievements to be a source of confidence and satisfaction for our customers, our partners and all those people who make it possible and will continue to make it possible for us to be here in the future.

Authenticity: We want to make wines where the fruit has its rightful place.

Quality: We have been Qualenvi certified since 2006 and Haute Valeur Environnementale since 2018. We are committed to food safety, transparency and respect for the environment. We are in the process of obtaining the ISO 22000 standard.

Pleasure: We produce fruity wines with structured tannins.

Team work: Our wines are the product of a collective effort where each individual's work is recognised and well respected, through dialogue and through listening.

We are certified:
- Qualenvi (Quality Environment Independent Winegrower) since 2006
- HVE (High Environmental Value) level 3 since 2018
- Iso 22000since 2020

Slide 03 Our Commitment A long-term commitment to the environment

We are committed to delivering wines of outstanding quality that meet both yours and our requirements, while respecting the environment. In 2006, the estate was awarded the Qualenvi label: This label reflects the robust and sustainable nature of our business, reliant on careful management and stringent procedures. Since 2018, we have achieved the highest level of certification, the Haute Valeur Environnementale [High Environmental Value]. It provides a comprehensive and dedicated approach to environmental management for our crops which protects biodiversity, provides a phytosanitary strategy as well as fertilisation and water resource management. Beyond these certifications, we make every effort to protect our natural ecosystem, keeping the soil healthy and maintaining biodiversity. Between our vineyards, wooded areas and ditches are home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. In addition, we employ innovative methods, such as sexual confusion, to naturally control bunch worms by disrupting the mating phases between male and female butterflies.

A relevant quality-control procedure

Above and beyond our environmental commitments, we have entered the "big leagues" of the Quality approach by obtaining certification Iso 22000 food safety management systems standard. This international standard demonstrates the company’s ability to identify and control dangers linked to food safety. It will help us reinforce our quality-control system and procedures throughout the production process.

A powerful commitment to our terroirs

We are committed to protecting and promoting our terroirs and landscapes. This is why we have chosen to become patrons of Canal du Midi. Due to a virus, 20,500 plane trees have had to be felled. In response to this situation, Voies Navigables de France is implementing a series of protective measures to preserve the canal's tree canopy. Based on our long-standing values, we are contributing to the programme's efforts to safeguard this important heritage.

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