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So good because life is too short not to be enjoyed. Where good moments, shared with good friends, remain good memories forever which ensure you stay in good shape.

So, embrace the “Oh la la c’est bon” attitude, and every day will be a good day!

For the record “Oh la la c’est bon”, is HEV, so also good for our planet!


Oh la la c'est bon !

This luminous rosé diffuses citrus and red-berry notes offering a fresh, dashing, light ensemble: oh la la!
It's a real festive wine, to pair with red mullet grilled with herbs, basil-flavoured courgette flan and even strawberry shortcake: oh, it's so good!!!

Degree : 12.5%
Grape : Grenache/ Syrah
Soil : Clay-gravel
Culture : Vines are ploughed. We do not use weedkiller Pruning is short to regulate the vine’s growth and its grapes yields. The vines shoots are tied up along vires to be given the favourable angle to ripen the grapes.
Harvest : The grapes are picked up by machines at the best maturity. The stalks are taken off to avoid vegetal tastes.
Yield : 58 hl/ha
Vinification : The whole grapes are placed in vats. The process of fermentation starts naturally.
It starts with the juice that runs from burst grapes and also takes place into each grape. The skin and juice contact lasts no more than 8 hours, then we separate the juice. It allows a nice extraction of fruit flavours and colour.
Pressing : Pneumatic
Service temperature : Chilled. 8-10°C
A table : Red mullet grilled with herbs, basilflavoured courgette flan and even strawberry shortcake: oh, it's so good!!!

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