Wines from the Languedoc carefully selected and structured with care and passion by Aurélie Vic. For several years, Aurélie has participated in the creation, blending and ageing of these unique wines. The Château collection brings us Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée wines that express the charms of the Corbières, Minervois and Malepère terroirs.

Château Mandirac

(AOP Corbières)

In the heart of wild Languedoc, between the cities of Narbonne and Carcassonne, crossed by the rivers of Obieu and Aussou, we come to the countr y of Corbières. This is where you can find a lovely vineyard “Audois” livened up by love of the wine and the the vineyard culture . Indeed, the “Château Mandirac”, aged of three hundred years, writes his history in the ink of Syrah and Grenache and applies to the realization of greedy wines which sublimate material and fruit.

Château de Girard

(AOP Minervois)

Lined by the Canal the Deux Mers, more commonly referred to as the Canal du Midi, “Le Château de Girard” engraves history in Languedoc for almost four centuries. Dominating the plain of the Aude, at the heart of the appellation Minervois, its soil welcomed the first Mediterranean vine stocks on order of Romain who had already noticed, at the time, the wine-making potential of this region. Since then, “le Château de Girard” looks over its 130 hectares of vineyards and takes advantage of the exceptional Mediterranean climate to produce delicious and colored wines.

Pech Taulier

(AOP Malepère rouge)

Malepere – a wonderful winemaking area in Languedoc where all categories are combined! The region is a blend of Mediterranean (hot) and oceanic (wet) climates, a crossroads between polyculture and the grapevine, and provides a unique association of grape varieties from south-western France and the Mediterranean. Here, close by the Cité de Carcassonne, you can explore Château Pech Taulier and its wines.

Château Douzens

(AOP Corbières)

In the foothills of the Alaric mountain, right in the middle of garrigue and pine forests the “Château Douzens” watches over on its vineyards. Mostly syrah and grenache, its vineyard swept by the North wind here called « the tramontane », concentrates all the good flavors of the garrigue. Renowned Corbières, it produces quality wines with respect of the soil and fruit. Its history has been written for several generations without losing this méditerannéan know-how …