Our news, end of 2023 havest !

Last Friday we finished the 2023 harvest at the Preignes le Vieux estate!

After 7 weeks of harvest – we started on August 20, all the grapes are now “in”. It is the accomplishment of a whole year of observation, care, patience and work to offer you the best of our vines.

Despite the lack of water and other hazards that punctuate the lives of winegrowers and farmers in general, the work continues. We must look ahead and move forward.

This vintage promises to be qualitative, for your greatest happiness. Now that the grapes are in, we are already focusing on the next vintage, storing the vines and monitoring the soil: the amendment plan, sowing the rows with plants rich in nitrogen (mustard, vetch, clover. ..).

Thank you to our vineyard team who through their daily investment knew how to make the best of what nature offered us this year…. Now it is in the cellar that the work continues, even if it is already well advanced…

The vintage for the whites and rosés seems promising with excellent analytical balances (guarantee of longevity and harmony of the wine) and organoleptic balances (fresh and expressive wines). For the reds, it’s a little early.

To date, the colors extract quickly and well. We must wait patiently for the end of fermentation to give a definitive opinion on the structure and balance. Late grape varieties seem to be doing very well.

Want to know more or taste our vintages? We welcome you to the estate from Monday to Friday for free tastings.

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