NEWS, The 2021 harvest has started

The long-awaited moment has finally arrived! The harvest begins in Preignes …

This Monday, August 23, we started the 2021 harvest with the pinot noir rosés in the night harvest!

It is true that we like to get up early but other reasons explain these harvests at night = the generally cooler temperatures protect the grapes from oxidation (mainly for the whites) and prevent us from consuming too much energy for cool the juices, while gaining in working range.

In short, it is about being both efficient in the work and in our objectives of quality wines while respecting the environment. This is part of our commitment to viticulture that is more respectful of nature. As a reminder, we are QUALENVI and HVE labeled!

At the Preignes le Vieux estate we produce 18 different grape varieties, so many harvest dates. Because each grape variety is harvested at the best time of its maturity…. We are launched for around 6 weeks of harvest!

Then will follow the end of fermentation for the late grape varieties, aging, blending … the road is long until October-November for a good part of the whites and rosés.

Much later for the reds.

What fun …

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