New, maturity control !

But… how do you decide on the right harvest date ???

The harvest is in full swing at Preignes le Vieux !!

We started on August 23 with the pinot noir, the sauvignon. At the moment they are the Grenache and Merlot grape varieties. Soon the Syrah and Marselan. But… how do you decide on the right harvest date ???

The method remains simple … from the beginning of August, we carry out maturity checks. Two to three times a week, Aurelie and Jérôme roam the vineyard to taste the berries and harvest 200 grains per plot, picked here and there in different identified rows.

This makes it possible to have a representative sample of the quality of the grapes from the entire plot.

In addition, they monitor its evolution in a precise way. We weigh these berries and then press them to transmit these juices, a concentrate of precious information, to our oenological laboratory. We will obtain a complete analysis with in particular the acidities (ph, malic…) and the alcohol potential.

These analyzes / information are monitored weekly, after each sample.

Tastings and analyzes will gradually confirm to us the good evolution of the grapes towards the desired objective = phenolic maturity (taste and analytical plateau) where the best balances are achieved.

And there we must not wait any longer … And another exciting step begins = the vinification …

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