Summer wines, Greg & Juju rosé ….

Discover our Greg and Juju rosé … A daring blend of Pinot noir and Grenache

Do you know Greg and juju, the accomplice duo that grew in the vineyards?

A daring blend, this Pinot noir Grenache looks like a holiday! The dress is bright.

Then the fruity attack evokes redcurrant jelly. Yum !

Finally the silky palate camps a delicate and juicy wine.

In short, a rosé to “remake the world” at sunset. And to please you with a good tartare of sea bream, mango and lime!

You don’t have the recipe, no worries, we’ll share it with you.

For this recipe you will need:

1 fresh sea bream

1 lemon and

1 lime

1 mango

A few leaves of fresh coriander Chives

1 shallot Olive oil

A little Espelette pepper

Salt pepper

And at the end, a little lamb’s lettuce (for the accompaniment)

Cut the flesh of the sea bream into small cubes then set aside in the fridge. Slice the cilantro, chives and shallot then squeeze the lemon and lime. Mix in a bowl with a little salt, Espelette pepper and olive oil as you wish and keep in the fridge. Peel the mango, cut it into small cubes and set aside in the fridge. 30 minutes before serving, combine all the ingredients and leave to marinate in the fridge. Serve with a good toasted bread, a lamb’s lettuce salad and good friends!

Want to taste Greg and Juju Rosé, do not hesitate any longer and come and discover it in the cellar of the estate …

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